• A student-run non-profit venture fund.

    We are powering the next generation of Oregon business leaders.

  • Apply to our 2018-2019 Entrepreneurship Award and Sustainability Award.

    Application process opens August 28, 2018 with applications due December 15, 2018.


    The two winning applicants in the general youth entrepreneurship category and one winning applicant in the youth sustainability entrepreneurship category will be selected based on the following criteria, as well as an in-person meeting with the Oregon Youth Venture Fund team.

    • Return Free Investment

      Our team will select the top two applicants that best fit the general youth entrepreneurship category requirements to be awarded a $2,000 return free investment to use towards their company. For the sustainability entrepreneurship award category, the top applicant will be awarded with a return-free investment of $5,000. In addition, each of the three winning applicants will receive advice and mentorship from a member of the Oregon Youth Venture Fund.