• Application

    Each applicant must create a one-page document that by reading it describes their company. Each one-pager must answer the following questions.

    • What is your company (what does it do)?
    • What have you accomplished?
    • How much progress have you made (how much you have grown)?
    • Where do you see your company in 2-5 years?
    • If you won the award how would you use your money to help grow your company? Be specific.

    Applicants must also include the name of their company, director, and high school they are attending. Creating a one-page document about your company is a very useful tool that all entreprenours should learn. This skill will prove to be very useful when pitching your company. Make sure to specify which award category you are applying for.


    After creating your one-page document about your company please convert it to a pdf and send it via email to apply@oyvf.org.


    Good Luck,


    -Oregon Youth Venture Fund